10 Innovative Ways to Use Concrete

Of all construction materials, concrete is perhaps the one that allows the greatest diversity of finishes and textures. The mixture of its ingredients, the shape and texture of the formwork, and the pigmentation of the materials all offer the opportunity to achieve an interesting design. This week we've prepared a selection of 10 inspiring images of innovative concrete, taken by renowned photographers such as Gonzalo ViramonteSong Yousub, and Ana Cecilia Garza Villarreal.

Source (Извор) : Original Source

Dylan Perrenoud - Antoine / BUREAU A

CreatAR images - Plain House / Wutopia Lab

Ana Cecilia Garza Villarreal 9X20 House / S-AR

Gustav Willeit The Rose of Vierschach / Pedevilla Architects

David Schreyer High School Crinkled Wall / Wiesflecker Architecture

Giorgio Marafioti Casa Via Castel / Attilio Panzeri Architect

Gonzalo Viramonte Catalinas Houses / Agustín Lozada

Jaime Navarro Foro Boca / Rojkind Arquitectos

Moon Hoon Simple House / Moon Hoon

Song Yousub Stratum House / stpmj