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Vital Parts Of Your House That You Should Check Every Now And Then

A lot of people pay more attention to the aestethics of their homes. They spend too much time looking for the best decors and improving their interior design.

However, because of that, many tend to overlook the importance of maintenance checks for their home. As a result, they’re surprised by leaks, clogs, pests, and other damages that they could have detected before it had gotten worse.

Apparently, it’s not only important to keep your home clean and aesthetically pleasing. You should also make it a point to check every corner of your home to see if there are any problems that could cause it to depreciate. For some tips, here are the parts you need to check.


The roof is one of the parts of the house that takes more damage than other parts of the home. Sitting on top of your house, it shields you from the heat, rain, snow, strong winds, dust, and other things that could damage your entire home. For that reason, it is one of the first things you need to check for any damage.

Check if there are any signs of loose or broken shingles that could cause leaks and other issues on your roof. If you want to be sure, you can always have it checked by a professional roofer.


You shouldn’t only check a home’s foundation before you purchase or move in it. Apparently, even if you already moved in, you should also have your foundation frequently checked.

The foundation of your home plays a huge role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. As per a seasoned foundation repair company in Maryland, it is what will protect your home from decay and deterioration. Thus, it is vital that it is checked every now and then to make sure that it’s in its best shape to do its job.

The rule of thumb is to have it checked at least twice a year or every quarter. This is because extreme weather conditions and temperature changes can affect the soil surrounding your foundation.

And when it does, it could affect your foundation. It could either become saturated with water, snow, or ice. Or, it could become dehydrated. All of these could affect the size and quality of your foundation, which could affect your home and even your safety.


Your home’s gutters are vital for water management. Without it, there won’t be anything to channel water from your roof to the right areas outside your home during a storm. When that happens, the water might get stuck on your roof or it will overflow.

For that reason, your gutter system needs some attention too. Experts recommend having it cleaned and checked once every three months, depending on the foliage near your home. But, if you don’t have any trees near your property, you can have it maintained at least twice a year instead.

Walls and Floor

Your walls and your floor needs some TLC too. Just because they don’t receive too much traffic, doesn’t mean they don’t need any attention. Apparently, if you don’t check your walls and your floors, you might miss cracks and holes where pests could be hiding and breeding.

When left untreated, your home will not only serve as a nursery for pests. They might also damage your property and could even make you sick.

To make sure your home is pest free, don’t forget to take a look at your walls and floors too and see if there are any cracks or holes in it where pests could hide. If you see any signs of pests in your home, it’s best to call for professional help to get rid of them instead of tring to deal with them on your own.

Plumbing System

Leaks and clogs aren’t only annoying. Over time, they could also affect your home’s condition and could even affect your budget. Thus, before issues arise, it’s also a must that you have your plumbing system checked.

The frequency of inspections on your plumbing system depends on your home’s age, though. If your home is relatively new, generally, the rule of thumb is to have it checked at least once every two years.

But, if your property is already old, it must be checked more often. You might also need frequent check ups if you have large mature trees near your property as it could affect your home, as well as your plumbing system.


Basements are also one of the parts of a house that’s often overlooked. Regardless of how you use your basement for, it still needs some check ups too. This is because it’s often at risk of flooding, mold growth, as well as pest infestation due to its location in the house.

To ensure that your basement is in good shape, it’s best to check it once every few months. This way, if there are leaks, you can easily spot them and have them repaired. It will also help you deal with pest infestation and mold growth faster, so it won’t cause any further damage to your property.

HVAC System

If you have an HVAC system in your home, don’t forget to check it too. The air quality and the temperature in your home is important. If your HVAC system isn’t in its best shape, your more at risk of diseases caused by air pollutants. Apart from that, your comfort will get compromised.

To ensure that your HVAC system is working well, you may leave the maintenance in the hands of professionals. They are more versed in HVAC systems and they can ensure that repairs will be done immediately.

Electrical Wiring

Fires and electrocution can happen because of faulty wirings. That said, you should also have your electrical wirings to be inspected every 10 years. This will prevent accidents and could even help your budget.

Having your home inspected well is important. Some checkups may require professional help but every penny you spend for such services are worth it as damages are prevented from worsening.