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About Us

СStudio John and Johnny is a continuation of the family business formed as JOHN AND JONI DOO Prilep in 2000. Customer satisfaction complying with the standards and technical standards for the successful realization of all challenges is a quality that is our main characteristic.

Realization of the ideas and demands of the investors, using the knowledge, skills and professional attitude of our team is the key to our success. For successful projects realization, we possess all the necessary licenses issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Macedonia.

We possess:

  • Designing License,

  • License for Project Documentation Revision,

  • Construction Supervising License and

  • Urban Planning License.

  • Guaranteed, expertise, appropriate challenges approach and commitment from all team members.


Offered services:

  • Preparation of a Preliminary Design, Basic Design and As Built Design with the following phases:
    • Architecture
    • Building constructions - statics
    • Water supply and sewage
    • Electrical installations
    • Thermo-technical installations
    • Elaborate on Fire Protection, explosions and dangerous goods,
    • Elaborate on Energy Efficiency
    • Elaborate on protection at work,
    • Elaborate on Environment protection.

For the design and construction of:

  • Individual family houses
  • Residential buildings,
  • Commercial objects
  • Sports recreational complexes

Нашиот ТИМ

Natasa Kuzmanoska

Architect Designer

Ilija Petreski

Electrical Engineer

Dijana Perevska Racicevska

Architect Designer

Bojan Popovski

Architect Designer